As a family-owned business, we strive to make our customers and our employees feel like they are part of the family.  Developing a relationship founded on trust and based in an understanding of what our client’s need and expect of us is key.  We fully grasp how intimidating it can be to go to a shop where you aren’t sure if they are working towards building you the car that YOU want, or if they have just given you a cookie cutter mod path that will have a bunch of stuff that’s not your thing.  That is why we decided that we needed to do things differently!

At Agile you have a comfortable, clean customer lounge, kids are welcome (we even have toys that our kids play with when they are at the shop), free wifi and coffee, and we will ALWAYS explain all of our recommendations for your vehicle in language you can understand so that you know why we are suggesting that service and even show you on your car so you can see it for yourself.

Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and confident with your entire experience and to build a lifelong relationship founded on trust and transparency.

​Dyno testing & tuning

We have owned our 2WD/4WD Dynapack dynamometer since opening our doors in 2003. Hill, owner of Agile, does all our tuning and is on hand at all times. Our tuning philosophy has always been to maximize reliable power output while also maintaining or improving the overall driveability of the vehicle. We do not tune for wide open throttle only. If Agile performs the tuning we will tune all spectrums of the engines operation. Many shops will tune only what will be represented on the dynograph, wide open throttle, and this is where we differ from the competition. We will take the time necessary to re-calibrate the engines operation for all possible conditions. We support a wide range of products for engine control, transmission control, power management, data acquisition, and dashes/displays.

Bolt-on part installs

Many of our customers use their cars as daily drivers and choose to stick to bolt-on modifications. This is also a much less expensive way to go than custom fabrication. We prefer to source parts or recommend the best brands for you car, because we have installed many different brands and know which ones fit and perform the best over the long haul. However, we will be happy to install high-quality parts you bring us too. We charge by the hour for installs. Please call so we can discuss your parts selection and give you an accurate estimate for the components we will be working with.

Engine Builds & Swaps

We perform engine builds and swaps on many different vehicles. No one likes to be told the news that they need a new engine, but if that is the case we can assist you. From diagnostics to helping you determine the best course of action, we are here to support you through the entire process. We will help you figure out if it is worth repairing the vehicle, and if so, if a used, remanufactured, or assembled engine is the best way to go. Our assembled engines are built in house, backed by our warranty, and have a track record of reliability and longevity. For all pricing needs please call for a quote for your specific application.

Transmission & driveline service

When it comes to repairing and replacing your drivetrain, we will determine the best course of action, from rebuilding OEM drivetrain components, to installing fully assembled new or used components. We also have experience upgrading tranmissions and drivetrain components with hardened or more robust internals to better handle demanding environments and/or elevated power levels. Transmission internals are assembled in house and all driveline labor is backed by our warranty. Please stop in or call us for a consultation or pricing for your specific application.

Whether you want more power than off-the-shelf parts can offer, have dreamed up an elaborate setup, or just want your car to be different than everyone else's, we will put our custom fabrication skills to work and build your dream setup. Anything you can dream up, we can build with the highest level of craftsmanship. We most often custom fabricate roll cages, chassis braces and supports, turbo kits, intercooler kits, exhaust systems, cooling systems (water and oil), various overflow and catch tanks, fuel system components, and various mounts. Bring us your ideas, or let us use our experience to create a unique part.

Alignments are important for every day cars, but they are even more important for cars with added power and 100% required when you get into suspension modification. We have many years of suspension tuning experience and an alignment system that will get you a precision alignment for the street and track. You can provide us specs or we can make recommendations based on your vehicle modifications and intended use. ​All of our performance alignments are measured to the hundredth for optimal performance, and our rack can accommodate lowered cars that many others can't.

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