At agile auto, we firmly believe in never compromising when it comes to integrity, quality & safety.

We specialize in marrying high levels of technology, workmanship, attention to detail, and intelligence of design with an exceptional customer experience.


Why choose us

Whether you just want your every day car to run its best, or you’re a racer, an enthusiast, and have a love of finely-tuned automobiles, Agile is going to take care of you like you are family.  


As a family-owned business, we strive to make our customers and our employees feel like they are part of the family.  Developing a relationship founded on trust and based in an understanding of what our clients need and expect from us is key.  We fully grasp how intimidating it can be to go to a shop where you don’t understand if your car actually needs work being recommended because we started in your shoes!  After a string of bad personal experiences…being told things needed to be replaced that weren’t broken, being sold parts that were terrible quality, having parts installed incorrectly…we KNEW that we could do it better!  We decided to start a shop that did things differently! We learned how to do the work RIGHT, founded our company on our strong values and principles, and gave our customers the experience we wished we had. 

Repair & Maintenance



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