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Transmission/Drivetrain Rebuilds

Do you have broken gears and need a rebuild? Or maybe your syncros or differentials are wearing out? We can either rebuild what you have, or swap in different components to get your car driving perfectly again. We can use OEM componenets or stronger aftermarket components, depending upon your desire and budget. As always, these builds are done in-house and are backed by our 1 year/10,000 mile warranty.

Albins Off Road Gear

For stronger gearsets, axles, CV joints, and other drivetrain components, we use Albins Off Road Gear. Their components are of the highest quality and outperform many of their competitors parts, while remaining at a reasonable price. They offer a full range of helical and straight/synchromesh and dog options with custom gear ratios available for many different makes and models, including Subaru and Mitsubishi Evo (5-speed only). Please contact us for more information about Albins components or for pricing.

Transmission/Drivetrain Swaps

We can also assist with drivetrain swaps, such as upgrading a WRX to an STi drivetrain or an Evo 6-speed to a stronger 5-speed. Subaru has had many small revisions from year to year with both WRX's and STi's. Too often customers have been sold used drivetrain components that are not what the seller says they are, that are not compatible with each other, or that are not compatible with the customer's vehicle. There is also a domino effect in a lot of cases--if you upgrade the transmission, you need to upgrade the front axles and rear differential, if you upgrade the rear differential you need to upgrade the rear axles, if you upgrade the rear axles, you need to upgrade the rear knuckles, and on and on down the line. Many times customers get into a swap that is much more in-depth than they had planned on or budgeted for. If you are planning on having us perform a drivetrain swap, we can also assist you in selecting the correct parts and keeping the project within the scope you envisioned.