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At Agile we offer a wide range of services ranging from factory service and maintenance, troubleshooting and diagnostics, parts installations, engine builds/rebuilds, transmission builds and overhauls, custom engine tuning, and fabrication. These are the basic services that Agile performs on a weekly basis. If you don't see what you're looking for please give us a call.

Dyno Testing & Tuning

We have owned our in-house 2WD/4WD Dynapack dynamometer since opening our doors in 2003. Hill, owner of Agile, does all our tuning and is on hand at all times. Our tuning philosophy has always been to maximize reliable power output while also maintaining or improving the overall drivability of the vehicle. We do not tune for wide open throttle only. If Agile performs the tuning we will tune all spectrums of engines operation. Many shops will tune only what will be represented on the dynograph, wide open throttle, and this is where we differ from the completion. We will take time necessary to recalibrate the engines operation for all possible conditions. Hill is Dynapack certified and a Link certified tuner and one of the most respected AccessTuners in the country, with well over a thousand hours of tuning experience on various platforms. We will tune almost any Windows-based engine management/boost control system, including AEM EMS version 1 and 2, Cobb Accessport, PowerFC, Link, Vi-PEC, Unichip, Haltech, Utec, K-Pro, AFCs and more. More details about our tuning services can be found on our dyno page.

Engine Builds/Swaps

We perform engine builds and swaps on many different vehicles. Whether you are replacing a worn-out engine, upgrading to a larger, more stout engine, or upgrading a normally aspirated vehicle to a turbocharged engine, we will do the build or swap for you. Our engines are assembled in house, backed by our warranty, and have been tested to withstand the use and abuse of the street and various forms of motorsport. When it comes to building the proper engine or for your application, please stop in or call us for a consultation. For all pricing needs please call for a quote for your specific application. More details about our engine services can be found on our engine work page.

Transmission/Driveline Service

When you build your car for more power, you often need to upgrade your transmission, differentials, and axles as well. From installing stronger gearsets and differentials, to rebuilding with OEM components, to swapping a driveline from a different vehicle, we can assist with all your drivetrain needs. Transmission internals are assembled in house and all driveline labor is backed by our warranty. Please stop in or call us for a consultation or pricing for your specific application. More details transmission services can be found on our transmission work page.

Custom Fabrication

Whether you want more power than off-the-shelf parts can offer, have dreamed up an elaborate setup, or just want your car to be different than everyone else's, we will put our custom fabrication skills to work and build your setup from scratch. Anything you can dream up, we can build with the highest level of craftsmanship. We most often custom fabricate turbo kits, intercooler kits, exhaust systems, oil cooler systems, various overflow and catch tanks, fuel surge tanks, fuel rails, and various mounting brackets. Bring us your ideas, or let us use our experience to create a unique part. We have lots of experience working with high carbon and low carbon steal and aluminum of various alloys and more. Material selection will depend on the application. More details about our fabrication services can be found on our fabrication page.

Bolt-On Parts Installs

The vast majority of our customers use their cars as daily drivers and therefore stick to bolt-on modifications. This is also a much less expensive way to go than custom fabrication. We prefer to source parts or recommend the best brands for you car, because we have installed many different brands and know which ones fit and perform the best over the long haul. However, we will be happy to install high-quality parts you bring us at no extra charge or higher labor rate. We charge by the hour ($90) for installs. We most frequently install the follow bolt-on mods (although we can install virtually anything): bolt-on turbos, intercoolers, intakes, exhausts, uppipes, downpipes, headers, turbo inlet pipes, water injection kits, gauges, turbo timers, injectors, fuel pumps, boost solenoids, boost controllers, engine management systems, blow-off valves, coilovers, springs, struts, sway bars, endlinks, strut tower bars, control arms, camber plates, engine mounts, brake pads, brake rotors, brake lines, clutches, short throw shifters, and more.

Fluid Changes/Factory Maintanence

We cannot stress enough how important it is to regularly change your fluids and keep up with suggested factory maintenance. Especially on turboed vehicles, changing your oil every 3000 miles is imperative. Not only will your car make more power with clean oil, but your engine will also last longer. Also, turboed cars often burn small amounts of oil, so remember to check your oil level in between changes. To be on the safe side, we recommend checking the oil level at least every other time you fill the gas tank.

We use exclusively Motul fluids in our race cars and our customers' cars: engine oil, gear oil, brake fluid, coolant, fuel system cleaner, engine cleaner. These fluids and fully synthetic oils are used by race teams around the world in various genres of motorsports: F1 (auto, yachting, speedboat, powerboat), rally (WRC, US Rally, Polish Rally, Ukrainian Rally, Snodrift Rally, Lisboa-Dakar Rally), FIA GT/GT2, Motocross, MotoGP, Grand Prix Karting, Le Mans Series, and many more. We have been using the Motul line for almost two years and are extremely pleased with the performance gains and the number of products available.


We will troubleshoot and fix problems on a case-by-case basis. We know the Subaru platform inside and out and have successfully solved problems on these cars that other shops could not figure out. Troubleshooting is almost impossible over the phone, so please make an appointment to bring your car in for us to look at.