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Engine Managment

We tune various kinds of engine management. If you don't see something on the list, please call to inquire.

Output Testing

Agile has the capability to test 2WD and AWD 4 or 5 lug-hubbed cars on it's in-house Dynapack chassis dynamometer. Whether you're trying to find out what your beast is capable of putting down at the crank or the wheels, Agile can give you an accurate torque and horsepower output for your vehicle. Agile also has the capability to monitor boost pressures and air to fuel ratio during the runs to better establish a definitive measurement of how safe your current tune really is. Unlike many of our competitors, we can also check the health of the tune at low and mid throttle to be sure that the engine has been fully calibrated and not just tuned for wide open throttle.


Agile's in-house, state-of-the-art Dynapack AWD capable chassis dyno has given Hill McCarty, owner of Agile and lead tuner, the ability to properly calibrate your engine control unit to perform best with the parts, boost pressure and octane you would like to run. Through thousands of hours of dyno tuning and testing since 2003, we have developed methodologies that allow us to safely and reliably extract more power than factory calibrations can allow even with 100% stock mechanicals. The use of a dynamometer in tuning was once thought to be a luxury reserved only for high budget race teams and auto manufacturers. However, proper engine calibration depends on how precisely the data on the car's performance and operational characteristics can be measured. This dependence on accurate, verifiable data needed for proper engine calibration has led us to the Dynapack system due to its unparalleled repeatability from one dyno run to the next(given the same tuning and mechanical setup). The Dynapack system allows us to know without a shadow of a doubt which calibration changes have made power gains and which were unnecessary. It's precise readings and our years of experience in properly tuning and calibrating engine computers will allow us to create a tune for your specific needs all while maximizing reliability and overall drivability.

Tuning is unfortunately one of the most overlooked and under-appreciated ways to extract additional power, even from highly modified engines. Most people new to modifying cars neglect to optimize the operational parameters of their engine even after significant engine modifications. By optimizing an engine's variable valve timing, throttle plate mapping, air to fuel ratio, boost pressure and, ignition timing, not only will the safety and reliability of the engine be improved, but also the power output and responsiveness in almost every circumstance. We have tested a wide variety of the engine management offerings in the aftermarket community and have the experience to steer you toward a high quality, functional, and intelligent engine management solution that will best suit your intended use for the car. When it comes to engine management selection we recommend that you contact us to for a recommendation to best meet your needs. Experience is very important when it comes to finding quality engine management and the calibration of these controls systems. Our level of experience is one area where Agile is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. We always fully calibrate the engine control unit for low load, moderate load, and wide open throttle unless instructed not to do so by the owner of the car. Too many tuners/calibrators only map wide open throttle, which can lead to detonation and damage to the engine under part throttle conditions. Our Dynapack allows us to alter the load on the engine so that we can program the engine control unit for virtually any driving condition. If you have any questions regarding dyno time or tuning please don't hesitate to give us a call.

Pre-Tune Checklist